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Malcolm Kaufman, a student of San Francisco´s residential real estate market, started writing Pulse of the Market© in 2001, shortly after entering the real estate business. His goal then, as now, is to share perspectives that will add value to clients, colleagues and anyone interested in the San Francisco residential market.

By sticking to a monthly publishing schedule (with interruptions for seasonal vacations), Kaufman forces himself to listen constantly to the marketplace for ideas that interest him and would be of value to his readers. Continued increasing readership confirms the value of these efforts.

PulseFactors.com has culled the best Pulses from more than 65 issues past issues for inclusion in the site. If an excerpt catches your fancy, click on it to read or print the entire Pulse.



July 2015

A few reasons why people are buying (or not) in this heady market.

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Owning Something, or Not

June 2015

What's Worth Owning?........Talking about Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, and Aiirbnb

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So Much!

May 2015

So much is happening construction-wise in our little hamlet of San Francisco.......

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